Bowhunting to us is more than a hobby, but a way of life. We live for the early morning's in the stand, and the late night's gathered around a tailgate. Our team is made up of some of the most diehard bowhunters, skilled machinist, and innovative engineers one could ask for - and when we set out to design the first REK broadhead, our goal was simple. We wanted to create a broadhead that worked flawlessly, and could be trusted by bowhunters far and wide. We understand the need for quality gear when at full draw, and recognize that failure isn't an option. REK Broadheads are designed and tested to perform. With the most advanced manufacturing processes and tightest tolerances in the industry we have created a broadhead that is simply better. REK Broadheads are built off of a universal modular design allowing one to change this broadhead from an expandable to a fixed blade by simply switching blades. Our expandable broadhead, the REK 1.8, introduces new Spring Lock Retention technology that holds blades securely closed while also aiding against accidental deployment. We pride ourselves in our premium American made quality, and you can rest assured that each and every broadhead has been individually inspected to meet our standards. Bowhunters across the country are making the switch to REK, and the results are speaking for themselves. Believe the hype. 


REK Broadheads are protected by:


US Patent # 11,002,522

along with multiple other patents in pending status.

springlock retention1.png

what is it??

Our patented Spring Lock Retention system is a replaceable spring steel locking device that universally holds blades closed for both compounds and crossbows. This system allows the blades to be accidentally snagged, or bumped in hunting scenarios allowing the blades to partially open, and then snap back into the closed position. Meaning that it takes an actual forward impact for the blades to fully set free of the Spring Lock Retention clip and deploy - once deployed the blades remain open. Needing just 4 pounds of force to deploy the blades ensures that they stay closed in flight, but open on impact each and every time. There truly is not another mechanical broadhead on the market like this!